DVF-End of Season Sale

The shape of this dress is absolutely divine-the color, not so much (on me at least).

Good news if you can wear yellow/green tones-this dress is part of the DVF end of season sale.  Lots of great stuff at great prices.  Be sure to check it out!




Pick Three-Louboutin Edition!

Two shoe posts in a row? Isn’t that kind of boring you say?

Um no. I really really like shoes, and if you do to this post is for you!

Yesterday I saw Gilt Group had Louboutins for sale and I thought I’d play one of my favorite games-what would I buy if money was no object.  Of course the easiest answer is all of them so I limited to three.  One classic, one classic with a twist, and one fashion find.

This classic pump is good for any occasion.  You could wear it with jeans or a ball gown.  Defiantly an all around winner or what some would consider an “investment piece.”

Classic Louboutin Pump

Classic Louboutin Pump

This is classic with a twist.  The overall shape is a classic bootie while the row of buckles take the shoe to the next level from a style perspective.

Louboutin Bootie

Louboutin Bootie

I actually tore an ad with this shoe out of a magazine months ago.  This shoe is completely beautiful and totally impractical and I absolutely love it.  Sky high heels, bright teal satin that clashes with the red sole, and a big old bow on the back.  What more could a girl want?

Louboutin Sandle

Louboutin Sandle

Thoughts on my choices?


Friday Finds

My biggest find this week was clearly an apartment in New York.  But as that’s not really a relevant find for anyone else.  I haven’t had much time to spend online shopping this week but here are a few of the things that jumped out at me.

Net-a-Porter Sale While this isn’t a specific find, if you can’t find something you want at Net-a-Porter I don’t really want to know you.


This white Asos dress. The mesh overlay is a more modern look on the lace trend that we’ve been seeing for the last few seasons.




I love these preppy pink shorts from J.Crew are perfect for summer.  Personally I like my shorts a little shorter but I realize that not everyone (or my mother) would agree.




What could be more chic than custom shoes?




Sort of a trick question because of course, the answer is nothing-unless you answered custom shoes at half price.

Living Social has a deal for Chromatic Gallerie this week-50% off your order.  I’d never heard of this company before but as a shoe lover it seemed like it was my duty to check it out.  The shoes come in three different heel heights, 45 colors, and 4 different materials.

Although the styles are more basic than groundbreaking, they would be perfect for brides and bridesmaids -they even offer discounts when you buy multiples of the same shoe!



Photos from the CG website

This post is probably a bit belated since I’m writing about something that’s happening tomorrow but, if you’ve got the day free I highly recommend a little road trip to Winnetka.

Why, I’m sure you ask.  Well, its the Winnetka Congregational Church’s rummage sale at the Winnetka Community house.

I was able to preshop the sale there today because my parents’ both volunteer at the sale and I was able to pick out some good things.

For my money, I think that the book department is one of the best things about the sale.  There are so many beautiful art and architecture books (some of the ones I bought are below and yes, I bough a lingerie book at a church rummage sale.  It garnered quite a look from the church lady who sold it to me).  I snagged the books from the Louvre and British Museum for 2 and 3 dollars respectively.  A steal, right?


Clearly this book was meant to be, it had a book mark from my second favorite bookstore, the Boulder Bookstore!



I also managed to snag a vintage (from the 90′s, yes that’s vintage fashion now and it kills me a little) dress from Laundry though it didn’t photograph well.  It’s a bit snug so hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze into it for some weddings this summer.  Fingers crossed…

Let me know if you go and get anything good!