Blackhawks Rally

Although I’m not the biggest hockey fan ever I’ve spent most of the post season watching some very exciting Blackhawks games.

I also have a blog with the word Chicago in the title and I’m moving for at least three months, possible longer, for New York.

Tomorrow is the parade and rally for the Chicago Blackhawks and part of me really wants to go but part of me thinks that because I’ll already have moved up to my parents’ house and about five million of my closest friends are also planning on going to the rally it might be better to watch it on TV, in A/C.

Basically,what I’m asking is, given all the info above, if I don’t go will they revoke my Chicago card?


From the Lingerie Blog…

From my lingerie blog-I’ll also add my own comments on this but here’s my big news for the week-

I have a big announcement to make-I’m taking an extended work trip to New York!

If this all seems pretty sudden, well, that’s because it is.

A little over a week ago I was talking to a friend about my production process here in Chicago and just feeling a little stuck.  I’ve been working with a great factory here but at this time they don’t really have the machines to help me make the best products possible at the quantities that I want to make them.  This has been an ongoing issue for a while, but I don’t usually like to complain about my job because I generally feel really lucky to be doing what I do and I’ve actually received a lot of support from the factory I work with in Chicago that I probably wouldn’t have gotten as a designer just starting out in New York.

While exploring my options I joked I basically had to move to New York or start drinking heavily to minimize the stress of producing with the wrong machinery here.

Producing in New York had been an option I flirted with before, but didn’t think I was ready for.  It sort of hit me that my “joke” was basically my reality and it was time to make a change.

Trying to make lingerie in Chicago is not working at this point.  I’m still hopeful that with the increase in Chicago’s fashion production that I can bring production back here eventually and I still don’t plan on moving to NY permanently (don’t worry Mom!)

But, for now, the plan is to head to New York for three months starting in July to get things set up then coming back to Chicago and continuing to run The Giving Bride from here.  I think this is the best way for me to keep my commitment to high quality lingerie, ethically produced in America.

I think that this is a really exciting opportunity for both me personally and my business and I hope you’ll keep following along as we enter this new chapter!



So about a year after I first learned about them, and 6 months after the sent me a short e-mail asking me basic questions, I finally replied and joined the Chicago Blogger Network!

Procrastination for the win!

Seriously though, I’m trying to get better about being a functioning, organized adult.  Though judging by the current state of my condo the success of that goal is, um, debatable.

Anyway, I’m really excited to participate in the events that the CBN organizes.  I’ve been following them on tumblr and facebook for a while and they’re always cooking up something fun and it looks like a great way to meet other bloggers.  If you’re a Chicago Blogger you can check them out here.


Finally downloaded an Uber app.

I know, I know.  I’m the last person on earth (or at least Chicago).

I think I’m a mere 2 years away from being cool enough for sidecar.

Friday Finds

Here’s a quick roundup of the things that I’m loving this week.

These Steve Madden shoes.  They are totally, inappropriately high and I am aware that I will look sort of absurd in them but I don’t care.  I bought these (on sale!) at the Steve Madden store in Bucktown.  You can look for me tottering around Chicago in them all summer.

Steve Madden Xternal

Steve Madden Xternal


Nars is always my go to for lip gloss and this has become my trusty new color for spring.  There’s a reason they call it “larger than life lipgloss” but don’t be afraid.  Though you can layer this lipgloss to a very bright and bold finish, you can start out with just a dab and use your finger to blend it into more of a sheer stain like look which allows you to use this gloss for both day and night looks.


Nars Larger Than Life Lipgloss in Place Vendome

Nars Larger Than Life Lipgloss in Place Vendome



At $580 this Missoni swim suit isn’t exactly in my budget (and no, I didn’t buy it) but I spotted it on Net-a-Porter and it was too cute not to buy.

Honestly, at this point I’d be glad to glad to drag out my Target swimsuit if it meant that it was warm enough to wear it in Chicago.  Currently at 42 degrees as I’m typing this.  Sigh. A girl can dream.

Backless Missoni Swimsuit

Backless Missoni Swimsuit

What were your favorite finds this week?


Fashion Icons-Ikram

Ikram's Glossy Red Exterior

Ikram’s Glossy Red Exterior

I have a confession to make.  I have never been inside Ikram.  It completely and totally intimidates me.  Perhaps not even the store so much, I have no issue walking into Hermes or Chanel and I can’t really afford anything in there either, but Ikram herself.  For those of you who don’t know, she’s basically the Oprah of fashion.  The woman who single handedly legitimizes any claim that Chicago can have on fashion, and like Oprah, Ikram is a kingmaker.

Ikram may have come to national attention when dressing Michelle Obama but she was at the forefront of the fashion word long before that.

“The influence of a chain like Barneys is obvious, but a handful of other boutiques — including Colette in Paris, Maxfield in Los Angeles, 10 Corso Como in Milan and, of course, Ikram in Chicago — can do as much to establish a market for an emerging luxury brand as any national department store. At the highest end of the fashion industry, they are the gatekeepers and anointers. “Even if an account is from Russia, I always tell them I’m carried at Ikram,” said Stephen Courter of Ohne Titel. “They’ll have more trust in the label.””

Ikram Goldman

Ikram Goldman

In some ways, Ikram is not like most of the women I usually think of when I think of my personal fashion icons.  She doesn’t live to be photographed, or wear the outlandish clothing of Daphne Guinness.  And yet, she’s arguably shaping the world’s fashion scene more than any of the it girls on the covers of magazines.

Ikram and her eponymous boutique don’t follow trends, they set them.  But more then trends she has a high focus on quality and is known for being unfailingly rigorous in the standards for the clothing that she caries.

If you can afford to shop at Ikram, you’re bound to get clothing that will stand the test of time in both form and function.  And you might even catch a glimpse of Ikram herself.

Just don’t expect to see me there.  I’m still irrationally terrified of her.

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Wai Ming Trunk Show at Roslyn

Wai Ming '13 invite

Looking for something fashiony to do tomorrow?  Head to Roslyn between 1 and 5 pm.

It’s a little short notice but Parson’s graduate Emily Brady Koplar will be in the store showing her spring/summer 2013 collection.  And there will be sparkling wine.

Located in Bucktown, Roslyn is always  worth stopping by.  With brands like Vera Wang’s Lavender Label hanging along side independent designers this boutique is one of my go to’s for formal wear.  If you’re not acquainted with this shop now’s a great time to check it out!


Roslyn main

Roslyn-2035 N Damen Ave. Chicago


Picasso and Chicago

Picasso and Chicago

Picasso and Chicago

Very thankful for the type of friends who remind me that I’ve been saying since before it opened that I was going to check out the Picasso and Chicago exhibit at The Art Institute and I still haven’t actually gone.  The exhibit only runs through Sunday so if you want to get there you’ve got to make plans to actually GO!