Book Review-Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman



Cartoon by Victoria Roberts

Based on the cartoon above, the book Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman, is a history of the famous department store along with personal stories by many designers, celebrities, and Bergdorf employees.

I had heard of the book before I picked it up (actually, I really spent a little time seeking it out due to my New York move) but I didn’t know a ton about it.  I wish that there had been more about the history of the store and more about how Bergdorf is run today.  I think that would be especially interesting given how much the retail world has changed in the last decade. The stories in the last section of the book become a bit repetitive and could have benefited from some editing.

That said, I may be nitpicking.  By the end of the book I’ve come to idolize Bergdorf’s and, now, dream of the day when perhaps my lingerie line could hang on their storied racks.


Ultimately, the book is a bit of a long form advertisement for Bergdorf Goodman-but in a way that is quite endearing.  If you subscribe to the idea that retail therapy should be covered by health insurance this charming book is for you.

Wine, cheese, olives, potato chips, and bacon totally count as dinner right? Right?

31 years old.  Still not a real grownup.

I’ll cook tomorrow.

Central Park

Central Park

My neighborhood in New York might not be the most exciting area (several people have openly shamed me for living here) but the proximity to Central Park is pretty amazing.  One of the benefits of working from home is that, provided I don’t have any meetings I’m able to take a break when I want to during the day, usually around lunch time, and just walk over to the park.

I’ve done that nearly every day for the last week and although one day I managed to get caught in an absolutely brutal down pour that ruined my favorite pair of blue ballet flats the park has generally been one of my favorite places to go.  Even when it’s crowded it still seems like a bit of an oasis from the city which is nice because although I’ve lived in Chicago for years New York does have a bit more or a hard edged feel.


PS-I didn’t see a sign-does anyone know what that obelisk is for?

Blackhawks Rally

Although I’m not the biggest hockey fan ever I’ve spent most of the post season watching some very exciting Blackhawks games.

I also have a blog with the word Chicago in the title and I’m moving for at least three months, possible longer, for New York.

Tomorrow is the parade and rally for the Chicago Blackhawks and part of me really wants to go but part of me thinks that because I’ll already have moved up to my parents’ house and about five million of my closest friends are also planning on going to the rally it might be better to watch it on TV, in A/C.

Basically,what I’m asking is, given all the info above, if I don’t go will they revoke my Chicago card?


DVF-End of Season Sale

The shape of this dress is absolutely divine-the color, not so much (on me at least).

Good news if you can wear yellow/green tones-this dress is part of the DVF end of season sale.  Lots of great stuff at great prices.  Be sure to check it out!




Pick Three-Louboutin Edition!

Two shoe posts in a row? Isn’t that kind of boring you say?

Um no. I really really like shoes, and if you do to this post is for you!

Yesterday I saw Gilt Group had Louboutins for sale and I thought I’d play one of my favorite games-what would I buy if money was no object.  Of course the easiest answer is all of them so I limited to three.  One classic, one classic with a twist, and one fashion find.

This classic pump is good for any occasion.  You could wear it with jeans or a ball gown.  Defiantly an all around winner or what some would consider an “investment piece.”

Classic Louboutin Pump

Classic Louboutin Pump

This is classic with a twist.  The overall shape is a classic bootie while the row of buckles take the shoe to the next level from a style perspective.

Louboutin Bootie

Louboutin Bootie

I actually tore an ad with this shoe out of a magazine months ago.  This shoe is completely beautiful and totally impractical and I absolutely love it.  Sky high heels, bright teal satin that clashes with the red sole, and a big old bow on the back.  What more could a girl want?

Louboutin Sandle

Louboutin Sandle

Thoughts on my choices?


Friday Finds

It’s Friday (yay!) so it’s time for a quick roundup of some of my favorite things of the week!

Let’s get started with something important.  Shoes!

I’m totally coveting these Sophia Webster shoes.  The on trend pointy toe, the bright color, and the patent leather, which I am always a sucker for.

Sophia Webster Shoes



If you’re looking for all the fun of the color and shine those shoes provide at a more manageable price point may I suggest a little Sunday Funday from Essie’s latest collection?  This shimmery coral shade screams summer and so does it’s name.

Sunday Funday from Essie

Sunday Funday from Essie

And, because what would summer be without a beach read, I have two new book finds this week (hey, you’ve gotta do something while that nail polish dries).

I picked up Paris by Edward Rutherfurd.  If you have’t read any of this other books (Dublin, London, The Princes of Ireland…) you should check them out.  He takes the history of famous cities and weaves it in with the very human drama of a family.

This isn’t going to be a quick read, but judging by his other books, it should be a good one.

Bonus-this would make a great last second Father’s Day gift and then you could borrow it back from dad when he’s done.  Not that I’m planning on doing that or anything…



And a book that isn’t likely to be a good one for dad, The Devil Wears Revenge.

I’m picking this one up today.  Basically, its the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada.  The book picks up 10 years later with our main character Andy who appears to be living out her dreams running a bridal magazine and marrying the love of her life.  But all is not as rosy as it seems (because, duh, that wouldn’t make much of a book) and Andy has to go back and confront her devil.  Looking forward to reading this one.


What are your favorite finds of the week?



Friday Finds

My biggest find this week was clearly an apartment in New York.  But as that’s not really a relevant find for anyone else.  I haven’t had much time to spend online shopping this week but here are a few of the things that jumped out at me.

Net-a-Porter Sale While this isn’t a specific find, if you can’t find something you want at Net-a-Porter I don’t really want to know you.


This white Asos dress. The mesh overlay is a more modern look on the lace trend that we’ve been seeing for the last few seasons.




I love these preppy pink shorts from J.Crew are perfect for summer.  Personally I like my shorts a little shorter but I realize that not everyone (or my mother) would agree.